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About Us

We opened up for business some time ago. We had high hopes to grow into a trusted appliance repair company in Plainfield, New Jersey. Presently, we are happy to say that we did. You have appliances that need professional servicing. We have the services to help. We believe in making sure our customers are happy with their service. That’s why we will work hard to meet your expectations and more.About Us

We are Appliance Repair Plainfield, and our mission is to provide customers like you with the very best repair services for your appliances. We are qualified to service all types of major home and commercial appliances. We have technicians who can provide fast repairs. Our techs can often provide same day service too. Give us a call today! Your appliances are always in good hands when you choose us.

Appliances We Repair

There are many types of appliances in a modern house or commercial location. We are pleased to service all major appliances. One major appliance we provide service for is the refrigerator. They work hard to keep foods cold and fresh. The most common problem is that they run out of refrigerant, which is a simple fix for us.

We also provide services for stoves. We can repair any type of oven, whether it is gas powered or electrical powered. We can also fix microwave ovens.

Another major home appliance we can fix is the washing machine. These are used quite a bit in most homes. It’s easy to see why they need to be fixed sometimes. Of course, a dryer goes hand in hand with a washer, and we can provide dryer repair too. Dishwasher repair is no problem either. We can repair any type of dishwasher, no matter what brand it is. No matter which of our appliance repair services you need, we’ll be here to provide it. Call today!

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